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Rapid Collect is a financial and credit managment solution that specialises in Smart Debit Order and Payment Solutions for you.

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About Rapid Collect
Rapid Collect is a financial and credit management solution that increases collection rates and streamline business transactions through our web-based interface. Our payment & collection services allow you to manage all financial and non-financial transactions with all the major banks in South Africa.

Providing savings on all EFT payments, Debit orders, NAEDO, DebiCheck, and Account verification costs to all businesses, with flexible electronic debit order agreements for customers, increase your revenue through automating your entire debtor process.

Smart Debit Order and Payment Solutions
Debit Orders

Streamline your revenue stream by processing debit orders from our secure system.

Strike Date Optimization

Increase recoveries by predicting dates that customers are likely to have available funds.


Improve the collection rates by tracking your customer’s bank funds.


Enabling authenticators to accept mandates upfront, reducing unpaid debits and disputes while providing collector insurance.

EFT Credit & Debit Services

EFT Debit Orders and EFT Credit Payments are available on Same Day (SDV) and Two-Day Collections (2-Day) with a limit of R 1 million per instruction.

Rapid AVS & AHV

Reduce the risk of account fraud through our strict verification system.


Sign and authorize debit order transactions online providing peace of mind to customers.

Why Rapid Collect?

Increase Cash Flow

Organize your debit order collection, ensuring you get paid on your terms, resulting in increased revenue and cash flow.

Automated Collections

Rapid Collect provides a convenient automatic debit order system that allows you to automate the entire collection process.

Reduced Banking Fees

Due to the high volume of transactions we process, Rapid Collect reduces your banking fees through our direct integration and relationships with major banking systems.

Detailed Reporting & Analytics

Stay on top of your accounts and account receivable through our user-friendly payment tracking. All reports can be exported through email, PDF, and Excel.

Additional benefits include Safe and Secure processing and direct links to SA's major banks



Rapid Collect has developed relationships with all major banks allowing you to obtain debit orders directly.



Rapid Collects stores, processes, and manages all confidential data through our secure web-based platform.

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