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Invoices Online – Approved Partner of Rapid Collect

InvoicesOnline is a billing system that allows you to easily sell online. InvoicesOnline is perfect for businesses requiring automated subscription or recurring billing with debit order payment collection facilities. The perfect debit order system for Rapid Collect users.

01.Extremely Easy Recurring Invoices

Recurring documents are at the heart of our system and is designed to be easy to set up and manage, yet has powerful features & dynamic variables built in to make your business as easy as possible to manage.

02.Billing System Data Exchange

Billing system data stored on InvoicesOnline can be seamlessly transferred to accounting software or access control systems via simple webhooks.

03.Rapid Collect Automated Debit Orders

Through Rapid Collect, automatically debit your clients bank accounts for their total outstanding balance, or portion thereof on any specified day of the month. You can invoice, credit note, add payments, automated account reconciliations through the Rapid Collect platform. InvoicesOnline is also integrated with the Rapid Collect digiMandate (Electronic Mandate) solution.

04.Cross Device Friendly

Our system works on iPads, iPhones, tablets, all major browsers and all other modern computing equipment.

05.Multi-User, Multi-Business

Easily manage multiple businesses from a single account, or add many users to different business. Specific permissions can be assigned to every user under every business.

06.Secure & Encrypted

Look for the Green encryption seal of approval in your address bar, to verify that we use the same 256 bit encryption as online banking sites do. All your data is securely stored and only available to you.

07.SMS Integration

Customize exactly which actions should automatically send SMS messages to your customers, like when a Job Card status changes, or a Debit Order bounces for example.

08.PDF Documents

All Invoices, Credit Notes, Pro Forma Invoices, Quotes, Payouts and Statements are generated in pdf documents, that are customizable with your very own header and footer images, and encrypted in accordance with SA legislation.

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