Debit Orders

Smart Debit Order and Payment Solutions
Debit Orders
Streamline your revenue stream by processing debit orders from our secure system

Debit Orders are a collection service that collects payments from your customer’s bank account —  commonly used to collect monthly subscriptions, repayments, or premiums.

It provides the peace of mind of never forgetting a payment and the convenience of viewing your whole payment history, allowing you to track and trace payments easily.

Flexible Collection Payment Options

Complete Debit Order instructions that can process debit orders through recurring, one-off, same-day and two-day payment options.

Automated Process

Process transactions automatically monthly, giving you the flexibility to queue, manage, and submit debit orders.

Comprehensive Reporting

Stay on top of your accounts and account receivable through our user-friendly payment tracking. All reports can be exported through email, PDF, and Excel.

Various Account Types Supported

Our debit order system allows collections from cheques, savings, and credit card accounts.

Smart Debit Order and Payment Solutions
Rapid Collect

Rapid Collect is an internal division and marketing brand of Rapid Legal Services (Proprietary) Limited, a registered TPPP with the Payments Association of South Africa and Registered SO Member with the Payment System Stakeholder Forum and a Registered Credit Provider (NCRCP 12886).

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