Smart Debit Order and Payment Solutions
digiMandateTM is powered by Rapid Collect
Sign and authorize debit order transactions online providing peace of mind to customers

digiMandateTM allows customers to sign and authorize debit order transactions online from any mobile device. It provides a secure way to ensures the authorization of the customer, reducing the chances of fraudulent debit orders.

Legally Compliant

Our digiMandatesTM complies with all requirements as set forth by the ECT Act of 2002, PASA (Payments Association of South Africa) and sponsoring banks. We are an Authorised Financial Services (FSP 48352) and Registered Credit Provider (NCRCP 12886).

Customizable Design

Each digiMandateTM design can be customizable to your branding requirements.

Increased Customer Confidence

Increase customer confidence through any Debit Order by giving them control to confirm and sign every transaction.

Fewer Disputes

Guaranteeing fewer disputes of debit orders due to the confirmation of signatures and mandates.

Smart Debit Order and Payment Solutions
Rapid Collect

Rapid Collect is an internal division and marketing brand of Rapid Legal Services (Proprietary) Limited, a registered TPPP with the Payments Association of South Africa and Registered SO Member with the Payment System Stakeholder Forum and a Registered Credit Provider (NCRCP 12886).

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