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Thank you for choosing Rapid Collect. To continue the registration process we require detailed information about yourself and your business. Below is a list of supporting documents that are required to be completed as your on-boarding and vetting documentation. These required documents contain all the necessary information as required by our vetting department, to complete the registration process with Rapid Collect.

You can download the whole Document Pack (16MB) or download each document individual, further down.

Download Document Pack (16MB)
Download the individual Documents below!
Addendum A

Download Mandatory Required Docs as per Legal Entity  – Rapid Collect V1.1

01 Addendum A
Addendum D

Download Company Resolution – Rapid Collect

04 Addendum D
Addendum G

Download Accountant Authorisation/Confirmation Letter – Rapid Collect

07 Addendum G
Addendum J1

Download NEW EDO PSSF Beneficiary Application Form V3.03

10 Addendum J1
Addendum L

Download Official Client Checklist – Rapid Collect V1.1

13 Addendum L
Addendum B

Download Nature of Transactions – Rapid Collect V1.1

02 Addendum B
Addendum E

Download ABSA Debit Order Abuse Letter

05 Addendum E
Addendum H

Download Rapid Collect Terms and Conditions for L3 User V1.1

08 Addendum H
Addendum J2

Download Pre-Vetting Questionnaire – Rapid Collect V1.1

11 Addendum J2
Addendum M

Download Sample Mandate Confirmation to be signed by client (L3)

14 Addendum M
Addendum C

Download POA – Business Address SA – Rapid Collect V1.1

03 Addendum C
Addendum F

Download  NAEDO/Debicheck Sample Mandate Wording for Transcription – Rapid Collect V1.1

06 Addendum F
Addendum I

Download Request For Services Application – Rapid Collect V1.1

09 Addendum I
Addendum K

Download Rapid Pricing Quotation V1.1

12 Addendum K
ABSA Assessment

Download ABSA User Pre-Screening Document (To be Fully Completed and Signed together with the supporting Documents)

15 ABSA Assessment
How does it work?
01.Submission Requirements:

Please complete All documents correctly, accurately and completely.
All documents must be clearly legible, no blurred copies.
Copies of ID’s must be in colour.
Please Retain the Original documents for collection by us, at a later stage, when we do a site inspection.

02.Documents to complete and sign:

Addendum A, Addendum B, Addendum C, Addendum D, Addendum E, Addendum F, Addendum G, Addendum H, Addendum I, Addendum J1, Addendum J2, Addendum K, Addendum L and ABSA User Pre-Screening Document (To be Fully Completed and Signed and with supporting Documents as noted thereon.) >> DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT PACK

03.The Process:

Only once we have received all of the above documents will your application begin to be processed. Once all documents have been received you will be sent an invoice for your “sign up fee”. The Sign-Up fee must be paid immediately upon invoice receipt in order to proceed with vetting.

Rapid Collect will then process your application, upon PASA and Bank approval, final agreement will be sent to you for signature and upon receipt of returned signed agreement, our compliance department will initiate your EDO PSSF Beneficiary membership registration.

04.The Process:

The EDO PSSF will invoice you directly for this fee which you will receive via email as registered with Rapid Collect.

It could take approximately +/-14 days from the time we receive payment for the Rapid Collect application processing fee until your user profile is created on the Rapid Collect SO system and you are given access to capture / upload your debit orders.

Any queries? We are here to help!
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