Rapid AVS & AHV

Smart Debit Order and Payment Solutions
Rapid AVS & AHV
Reduce the risk of account fraud through our strict verification system

Account holder verification (AHV) or Account Verification Service (AVS) is a fraud-protection tool that verifies the identity of the account holder without the customer being present. This allows clients to pay their debit order collections securely.

Avoid unnecessary charges

Avoid extra fees and charges from the declined transaction but ensuring the account accepts debit order transactions.

Fraud Prevention

Reduce the chance of fraudulent chargeback transactions from occurring.

Real-Time Results

Receive instant verification for all transaction from major banks.

Efficient Transaction Process

Simple identification verification check that can be completed quickly.

Smart Debit Order and Payment Solutions
Rapid Collect

Rapid Collect is an internal division and marketing brand of Rapid Legal Services (Proprietary) Limited, a registered TPPP with the Payments Association of South Africa and Registered SO Member with the Payment System Stakeholder Forum and a Registered Credit Provider (NCRCP 12886).

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