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Rapid Collect Debit Order Collection Features
Automatic Debit Order Submissions

No more Missing Run-days.

Dispute Intervention Call Centre

We send your mandates to the banks when a reverse is attempted to prevent Debit Order reversals.

Automatic Debit Date Changes

Our system moves debit dates falling on holidays or weekends to ensure successful collections.

No Upfront Security Deposits Required & No SURETY WITHHELD

On your collected funds GET 100% of your money after the initial Security Retention is met.


Based on your Quality Score.

Registration Process

Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive an email that will contain instructions on how to proceed further.

By initiating the registration process and submitting this form you hereby grant Rapid Collect or it’s agents the full right to validate, verify and confirm the information contained herein.

If you own a registered business and would like to increase your service level to your clients, complete our registration process and begin a journey that will propel your business into a new era.

Your own Rapid Collect Account will allow you access to a service that has always been exclusively for Corporate companies. With Rapid Collect any registered entity can get debit order facilities, no matter how few or how many debit orders you want to process per month.*

Businesses, schools, churches, clubs, charities … any registered entity that needs to secure a reliable cyclic collection of funds, may register.*

Terms and Conditions do apply*

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Rapid Collect, is your Smart Debit Order and Payment Solutions Partner of Choice!

Rapid Collect is an internal division and marketing brand of Rapid Legal Services (Proprietary) Limited, a Registered Credit Provider (NCRCP 12886).

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