Strike Date Optimization

Smart Debit Order and Payment Solutions
Strike Date Optimization
Increase recoveries by predicting dates that customers are likely to have available funds

Strike Date Optimization (SDO) determines the most likely payment date range on which to collect from a client, based on payment history successfully. Designing a predictive model that takes account of weekends and holidays, we provide you an accurate view of the optimal dates to collect debit order collections.

Reduce Delinquency Rate

Reduce delinquency collection rates by knowing the likely dates when customer funds are available.

Fraud Prevention

Reduce the chance of fraudulent chargeback transactions from occurring.


Apply SDO to multiple customers in batches or individually.

Increased CashFlow

Improve the chance of your debit order collection rate by collecting funds at the optimal date and time.

Smart Debit Order and Payment Solutions
Rapid Collect

Rapid Collect is an internal division and marketing brand of Rapid Legal Services (Proprietary) Limited, a registered TPPP with the Payments Association of South Africa and Registered SO Member with the Payment System Stakeholder Forum and a Registered Credit Provider (NCRCP 12886).

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